Chez Bébé: An interview with the founder - Brandi Lilly McLean

The team at Chez Bébé, has decided to share a blog post about the founder of our brand - Brandi. As you can read below, her daughter took a big role in creating the universe of Chez Bébé, a premium collection of children's bedding designed by kids for kids. Learn more about how it all started, where the name is coming from, and the inspirations of Brandi and India.

Let us simply jump into the interview.

Hi Brandi! Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi! I am Brandi. I am from New York. I have 3 wonderful kids and a loving husband who supports my ambitions. I spent my career building multi-million dollar brands for major retailers in the home textile industry for 17 years. I worked for Ross Stores, Macy’s, Brylane Home, Lord and Taylor. I’ve held positions as a Buyer, Creative Executive and Product Director. 

How did you come up with the brand name, Chez Bébé?

Chez Bébé is inspired by French quality and style. The meaning for the brand is Children’s Place. All products are kid tested and parent approved.

What inspired you to launch Chez Bébé?

The job of being a parent is what inspired me to launch Chez Bébé.  As a mother of 3 amazing and dynamic young children, I wanted to decorate their rooms with bedding that inspired their imaginations and reflected their creative style. I also wanted the bedding to protect against the potty training and bedwetting nightmares we were facing as a family.  

What makes Chez Bébé different?

The brand aspires to ignite the entrepreneurial curiosity of children by sharing the creative process of product development. We believe in providing opportunities for children to become involved in design, like my 9 year old daughter, India Jolie who heads up the division.

When did you realize India’s talents?


The first time I brought the family along on an overseas work trip. I noticed India’s gift for fabrics and design. Her enthusiasm to create matched my own enterprising spirit and I knew I wanted nothing more than to spend time exploring the world and creating with my kids. This is how Chez Bébé was born. There is no better partner than India. She knows what kids like and together we bring ideas to life. 

How did you start designing kids bedding?

I was looking for bedding to put in my kids’ rooms. Given my professional background, my quality standards were high.  The market was flooded with low quality polyester character bedding that did not reflect my children’s multi ethnic diversity. So, I decided to approach kids bedding from a new angle altogether. I focussed on kid friendly cotton material.

What are the plus points of Chez Bébé kids’ bedding?

The love that we put into our products and our commitment to quality is a huge plus.  Our cotton quilts are substantially weighty.. They wash well with no pilling or fuzzies.  The material is soft vs thin or scratchy. The line is eco-friendly and breathable, constructed with premium cotton vs polyester, which is soft but not breathable or hypoallergenic. The details of the bedding are thoughtful with embroidered and pieced accents and coordinating designs.  

Why do you use cotton in your designs?

The benefit of cotton bedding vs polyester in terms of breathable, natural, eco-friendly.  Polyester is soft and less expensive but not good for skin or allergies Polyester fiber is created through a chemical reaction involving coal, petroleum by-products, alcohol, and carboxylic acid. Polyester sheets are also prone to static (thereby attracting dirt, dust, and hair) and pilling, and can be irritating to sensitive skin. 

What pushed you to design protective bedding for kids?

The choices in protective bedding in the market were more fit for a hospital bed than a child’s bedroom.  Frustrated with these options and exhausted from constantly changing wet sheets in the middle of the night and bringing home dirty clothes from accidents at school, I did what I knew how to do best – develop a new product. I created an assortment of items that would fulfill my needs and address the void in the market. 

How is your protective bedding, LillyPad, different from the available products?

LillyPad is comfortable - colors and prints , discreet, not embarrassing for kids or noisy and crinkly or institutional looking. The quality and design is as nice as other bedding. It washes well and can last in effectiveness, years through multiple children. 

What sizes do you offer for bedding?

We don’t just carry baby bedding, our quilts are oversized and twin can fit on a full sized bed 

What do you wish people knew about Chez Bébé?

Our products are made with love, designed by my daughter and I and we have a close relationship with the factory owner who is a hard working woman entrepreneur in China. 

What drives you, inspires you and brings you passion in what you do?

The creative process of bringing ideas to life, especially as it relates to working with my daughter and having her involved in the design and development process. Inspiring children’s creativity and thinking about their dreams and what designs they love. Speaking to young people about the product development process  and receiving their feedback about the assortment and teaching them how the process relates back to everyday life. Connecting with other families, sharing our story and helping them create their dream space. 

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